Learn how to manage and moderate your Meet-Me-Conference service.

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Meet-Me-Conference management

With your Meet-Me-Conference service you can create multiple Bridges (aka conferences) however the amount of people that can join the conferences is limited by the number of ports (members) that have been purchased.

For example: 10 members purchased- 2 conferences created=5 members in each conference at the same time.

Only the group administrator of your Business/Organization can designate who can host the conference. This is performed via the group admin portal at http://smartvoice.shawbusiness.ca.

Follow the below steps to create conference and add conference hosts.

  1. From the menu choose Group Services->Site Services->Meet-Me Conferencing

  2. 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-01
  3. The profile screen allows you as the group administrator to manage the configuration settings for the service and manage the members added as hosts to the Meet-Me Conference. You can also manage the call policies for the Meet-Me Conference from this screen such as Language and Time Zone.

  4. 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-02
  5. Add the members that you wish to add as Conference hosts by using the “Add” and” Remove” options to move users from “Available Users” to “Conference Hosts” and back.
  6. Once the Hosts have been created they can now create Personal Meet-Me Conference bridges and, if they have the desktop or mobile application, will have a MyRoom Conference bridge created automatically after they login on the desktop or mobile application

Conference hosts can now schedule, manage, and delete conferences as desired, as well as listen to recorded conferences. This is performed in the Conference Host’s individual User Portal.

  1. Calling Features -> Meet-Me Conferencing -> Meet-Me Conferencing

  2. 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-03
  3. As the Conference host you can add a new conference by selecting “Add" to access the screen as seen below. If multiple bridges are available you can select the bridge and enter a title for the new conference.
  4. As the host you can also configure the conference restrictions such as number of participants and entry behavior. Finally you can select one of three types of conferences and provide the time and date for the conference type selected. The conference types are:
    • One Time - Enter a start date and time, and duration for the conference.
    • Recurring - Enter a start date and time, duration, and recurring details for the conference
      • Reservation less - Enter a start date and, if desired, an end date for the conference.

      • 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-05
    • To manage the conference, you are able to select “View” and edit the desired conference.
    • From the modify screen you can adjust any of the initial settings that were defined when the conference was added and view the conference access information, including open the Conference moderator console for that conference session. We talk more about the console further down.

    How to assign delegates

    As the host, you can assign delegates to conferences that you have created. Delegates can modify and moderate the conference, but cannot delete or delegate the conference to anyone else.

    Login into your own user portal and navigate to Calling Features->Meet Me-Conference (located at the bottom).

    1. Click "Edit".
    2. Scroll down to the Delegates section.
    3. To find all available users, click “Search”. Alternatively, to find specific users, enter your search criteria and click Search.
    4. In the Available Users column, select users to assign as conference delegates and click “Add”. The selected users are moved to the Conference Delegates column.
    5. Click “Save”.

      Note: Members need to be added by the group admin to the Meet-Me conference bridge under Group Services->Site Services->Meet-Me Conferencing-> Conference Hosts before they are searchable in the individual User settings.


    Conference moderator – Console

    When the Meet-Me Conferencing moderator console is launched, it shows all of the conference details. As moderators and participants join the conference, the console is updated with this information. The moderator controls are visible once a moderator or participant has joined the conference.

    The Moderator console can be launched by either the host or a delegate and you must be logged into your own user profile. The launch Moderator Client button will not be available if logged in as the Group Administrator.

    Follow these steps to launch the Conference Moderator Client (console):

    1. Select Calling features.

    2. 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-03
    3. Click "Edit" on the conference you wish to launch.
    4. A new window will pop open with options to manage your conference.

    5. 2016-09-02-SV-Moderator_Console

    6. Select your conference options
    7. To start the conference, select "Start Moderator Client"
    8. 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-09

    9. The moderator client will load in a new window. You may need to allow pop ups for this site on your browser.

    10. 2016-08-10-SV-Meet-Me-10
    11. 2016-09-02-SV-Moderator_Access If prompted or calling the conference number from a phone, enter the required "Moderator Pin".
    12. Add Participant
      • You can add participants by calling them from the Dialer in the console by entering the participants phone number.
      • If participants are invited from the console, the conference will dial their number and when they pick up, they will automatically be placed into conference (without having to enter the Conference ID).This feature is only available if “Individual Out dial” is enabled for the bridge by the group admin (Group Services->Site Services->Meet-Me Conferencing).
      • 2016-09-02-SV-Conference-AccessAlternatively, the participant can join the conference by dialing the Conference number and entering the "Conference ID" given to them by the Moderator.
      • Once the call is in progress, the participants can be managed through this console.


    Some of the functions available through the console are:

    • Conference Header Bar – Displays the moderator information, conference information (such as name, ID, number, and security PINs) and contains general controls.
    • Help and Sign Out links.
    • Global Message Area – Displays for 10 seconds any information, warning, or error message that needs to be communicated to the user.
    • General Controls – Allow you to perform actions on the conference. They are Lock/Unlock Conference, Start/Pause/Resume/Stop Recording, Lecture Mode, End Conference, and Call History.
    • Dialer – Allows you to add participants to the conference.
    • Message History Window – Lists the last 15 messages that were displayed in the Global Message Area ordered from the most recent to the oldest.

    To control Conference features through the handset you can use the * codes shown below.

    Feature DescriptionFeature Access Code
    Transfer to Operator *0
    Mute/Unmute Line *1
    Participant Count / Roll Call *2
    Lecture Mode On/Off (moderator only) *3
    Lock/Unlock Conference (moderator only) *4
    Recording Options (moderator only) *5
    Invite New Participant (moderator only) *6
    Enter Self Identification Code *7
    End Conference (moderator only) *8
    Log in as Moderator *9
    Return to Conference *#