To ensure you have the best chance of being notified of any planned maintenance, follow this information about our maintenance notification process.

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Verify you're included on our notification list

Notifications go out by email to email addresses listed on your 'Shaw Business – Security and Configuration Information' security record:

  • Primary contact's email address and up to 4 additional technical contact email addresses will be emailed.
  • If you have received that email, verify the people in your organization that need to be informed of maintenance are listed. If another person needs to be added or any other information needs modification, reply to the email and list the changes required.
  • If you don't recall having received the above email, or have misplaced it, you can use our 'Request support' contact option to ensure you have an up to date record in place.
  • More information about the security record can be found on our article 'Updating business security record & contact info'.

Notification process

  • Notifications are emailed for planned maintenance work that anticipates causing impact to business accounts and sent using the email addresses in your security record as mentioned above.
  • Whitelist '' to reduce your chance of missing our notifications (this mailbox isn't checked for incoming messages; inquire using
  • Unplanned maintenance work resulting from weather damage, traffic accidents and other sudden impact to our services are fixed immediately, rather than waiting for the formal notification process. These can be checked at, or by calling business support.

Why is maintenance done at this time of day?

  • Nighttime: whenever possible, maintenance takes place during hours of midnight to 6am to reduce impact for most customers.
  • Daytime: this is avoided when possible, but some work requires daylight hours due to 3rd party involvement, noise bylaws, safety concerns, city/provincial permit requirements, or a combination of these factors.
  • Scheduled maintenance work times can't be modified.

I received notification. How can I find out more?

  • Visit to check on local service notifications, maintenance and outage information.