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Why is my Point of Sale terminal not working with the Shaw Business Internet?


Discover some simple steps to get your Internet-connected Point of Sale (POS) terminal, payment system, or card payment terminals back in working order.

Verify the connection

POS machine For internet-connected systems, check other devices that also use the Internet. If everything is down, follow the info on Unable to connect to Internet.

If your terminal connects via a Shaw phone line, see Why doesn't my Point of Sale work with my business phone?

Bypass your network

If you have a router and the Internet connection is working with other devices, we know right away it shouldn’t be a Shaw-Internet problem. To help rule out if the payment terminal is having issues, you can connect the terminal directly into the Shaw modem.

  1. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from router.
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable to a port on the Shaw modem.
  3. Unplug the power on the Shaw modem.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Plug the Shaw modem back in.
  6. Restart your POS terminal. If this works, read the network settings changes section below, as it may be relevant if the debit terminal works with a direct connection. You could also call the payment provider first to verify whether they’re having any issues. Be sure to let them know the steps you have taken and that you have confirmed that the Internet is working.


Network settings requirements

The default settings on routing equipment may cause an unreliable or non-functional connection for your payment terminal or POS. Most POS or debit/credit terminal settings have unique requirements to maintain security and connectivity and may require specific settings to be modified on networking equipment.*

If you’re connecting through a router, the default router settings may cause an unreliable or non-functional connection on your payment terminal or POS. Bridged modems are wide open and while they wouldn’t block anything to cause connectivity issues, there may be security concerns with a direct Internet connection. Follow these steps to ensure the best settings are used:

  1. Call your POS service provider and ask for their recommended connection settings, including any modifications needed on routers.
    • Check if it's safe to connect their equipment directly to the Internet or if a router is required.
    • Ask for router modifications information to be faxed or emailed to you and keep these for your records.
  2. Once provided with the required settings, you or your IT person will need to make the necessary changes on your network.
    • Shaw can assist you or your IT person with how to log in to and use any Shaw equipment in your setup.**
    • Shaw cannot help with:
    1. Third party networking equipment.
    2. Determining required changes to make.
    3. Applying network settings.
    4. Backing up networking settings.

* Each business must maintain their security of private banking and customer information. Contact your POS payment provider to verify PCI compliance requirements, and consult your IT person to implement any required changes.

** Basic Shaw WiFi modems are not designed to retain custom network settings and these settings may be lost if a modem is reset or firmware updates occur. SmartWiFi and SmartSecurity plans do support custom network settings, but it’s still important to keep good notes about all required settings and modifications made to help prevent loss of info due to device resets or equipment replacement.

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