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Television Accessibility Options


Learn about the multiple Television options available to those who have accessibility needs and Shaw Business services. Explore accessibility feature such as Descriptive Video and AMI.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning Solutions for ESL, Speech and Hearing Accessibility

Closed Captioning (CC) provides a visual text display of what is being audibly said during a program or event. It is the responsibility of the broadcaster to include closed captioning in their shows. Learn more about how to enable/disable Closed Captioning

AMI - Accessibility Media Inc.

AMI TV - Accessibility Media Inc.

AMI-tv Accessibility

AMI-tv is the world's only network to broadcast all programs with open described video and closed captioning. Click here to learn more about AMI TV.

AMI Audio

AMI Audio Accessibility

AMI-audio is a broadcast reading service offering full-text, spoken-word versions of current articles from leading newspapers and magazines. The channel makes local, regional, national, and international news available to viewers who are blind and vision-restricted, who have learning disabilities, or have physical and motor-skill disabilities.

To enable SAP on your TV:

  1. Locate the original remote that came with your Television (not the Shaw Remote)
  2. Press the MENU button and locate the AUDIO option
  3. Press the SAP, AUDIO or MTS button on your remote
  4. Ensure that you select either SAP or MTS, instead of Stereo or Mono

To enable SAP on your Digital Box:

  1. Press the MENU or SETTINGS button twice on your Shaw Remote for a full-screen Menu
  2. Scroll down the Menu until Setup is highlighted and press OK
  3. Select Audio Setup and press OK
  4. Ensure that the Default Audio Track is set to SAP
  5. Press the Exit button


Set up Favourites

Set up a list of favourites which you can access easily with one button on your Shaw Remote. For instructions on how to setup favourites, visit Classic Guide - How to set up your Favourites.

TV Listings

TV Listings for the visually impaired. Using a standard screen reader for audio access, Shaw’s blind or visually-restricted customers can access our programming guide by visiting or by clicking here.

Descriptive Video (DVS)

Descriptive Video for the visually impaired. Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is an aid for persons who are blind or vision-restricted. It provides a voiceover description of a program's key visual elements with narration inserted during natural pauses in program dialogue. DVS describes actions not otherwise reflected in the dialogue, such as the movement of a person within the scene. If DVS is offered in a program, video description can be turned on or off.

Full details on using Descriptive Video can be found on Television Accessibility Options: Descriptive Video Services

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