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About Cyber Protect DNS


Cyber Protect DNS provides DNS-layer security to defend your business against threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, command control, and botnets.

About Cyber Protect DNS

Cyber Protect DNS works along side McAfee Multi Access and is included in your Cyber Protect subscription.

Cyber Protect DNS uses Cisco Umbrella to scan all websites being accessed on your business devices and determines if it's malicious or safe. If it is found to be malicious then the website will be blocked and you will receive a Rogers Business blocked page.



How does it work?

Cyber Protect DNS uses DNS, the Domain Name System, to forward requests from your networks and users to the Umbrella DNS resolvers, helping to prevent threats over any port or protocol.

What is DNS?

DNS - or Domain Name System - a system used to map host names to IP address by way of the DNS protocol. Think of it as the Internet's phone book.

What is this block page I am seeing?

A block page is a page that's displayed when a user of the Cyber Protect DNS service tries to go to a website that's blocked by the policy for the identity under which the user falls. This block page is provided in partnership with Rogers Business and Cisco.

What do I do if I think this website should or shouldn’t be blocked?

Contact our Rogers Business technical support team at 877-742-9249

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