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After hours call handling

After hours sets up an automated way to handle calls when your business is closed for the day or weekend. After hours calls can be routed to a group/individual voicemail, auto attendant or any alternate number such as off-site answering services or a cell phone.

Set up:

  1. Login with group administrator credentials at
  2. Create an after hours time schedule.
    1. Select 'Group Profile' tab, then select 'Time Schedule'.
      • Add a new schedule (click to expand)
    2. Select 'Add New Schedule'.
    3. Name it something unique like "After Hours" to help identify what this schedule is for.
    4. Drag mouse over time blocks to highlight times in grey that you want to include.
    5. Press 'Save'.
    • In example below, grayed out areas for "After Hours" represent all hours this business is closed. Calls can be setup to be handles in a specific way during these times.
    • After hours schedule (click to enlarge)
      1. Now that we have created a Time Schedule we need to enable " />
  3. Enable 'Call Forwarding Selective' to manage your schedule:
    1. Select 'Dashboard' tab, then select 'Hunt Group', then 'Settings', then 'Detailed Settings', then 'Calling Features' tab.
    2. Locate 'Call Forwarding Selective' and select 'Edit'. If you don't see this option, call your sales representative to get this feature added on.
      • Edit Call Forward Selective (click to enlarge)
    3. Enter a number or extension in 'Default Call Forward to Phone Number'. It can also be forwarded directly to voicemail by entering '*55*' and the voicemail number or extension.
      • Call Forward Selective settings (click to enlarge)
    4. Select 'Save'.
    5. Select 'Add Rule'.
    6. Add a name for rule under 'Description'.
    7. Choose 'Time Schedule' in drop down.
    8. Enter your call forwarding number into 'Forward to another Phone Number' field.
    9. Select 'Save'.
  4. Now, with a defined after hours schedule and rule set to handle calls when you're closed, you'll no longer need to manage your phone handling at the end of each day.

Call forward busy

Call Forwarding Busy can also be set on a Hunt Group to direct all callers to either voicemail, another phone number, or Auto Attendant. This feature is useful when all lines in Hunt are in use.

  1. Login with group administrator credentials at
  2. Select 'Dashboard' tab, then 'Hunt Group', 'Settings', 'Detailed Settings', 'Calling Features'.
  3. Locate 'Call Forwarding Busy', turn feature 'ON' and add phone number or extension that you wish to forward calls to.
    • If you don't see this option, call into technical support to get this feature added on.
    • Call Forward Busy setting (click to enlarge)

Call waiting on hunt group

Enabling this feature allows call waiting for members in a hunt group, so they can place a current call on hold and take another incoming call.

    1. Login with group administrator credentials at
    2. Select 'Group Services' tab, then select 'Site Services', then 'Hunt Group'.
      • Hunt group menu (click to enlarge)
    3. If you have more than one hunt group number select which number you wish to modify in drop down.
    4. Under 'Time Zone', check box 'Allow Call Waiting on agents', then press 'Save' button.
      • Hunt group settings

    No answer & not reachable

    Your Hunt Group can be configured to handle calls depending on what happens with the incoming call.

    • No answer: If an incoming calls comes in and no one answers it, the calls can be set to forward directly to voice mail, another number, or an auto attendant.
    • Not reachable: If all Users/Virtual lines are offline or not registered, calls will be redirected according to rules set up in this section (same feature and setting here as in Disaster redirect).


    1. Login with your group administration credentials to
    2. Select 'Group Services' tab.
    3. Select 'Site Services' drop down, select required item (like 'Hunt Group'), then use 'Select...' drop down to select service to manage.
      • Select 'Site Services' drop down to pick feature to manage (click to enlarge)
    4. Select 'Profile' tab.
    5. Modify required fields:
      • No answer settings:
        • Skip to next agent after: used to skip a phone that doesn't answer. Only used for hunt groups that ring to one phone at a time.
        • Forward call after waiting: check option and set number of seconds.
        • Call forwards to: set to go directly to voicemail (use *55*), another number, or an auto attendant.
        • No answer settings (click to enlarge)
        • Not reachable settings:
          • Enable call forwarding not reachable: calls will be forwarded to number entered (can be set to either go directly to voice mail, another number or an auto attendant).
          • Make hunt group busy when all available agents are not reachable: will give caller a busy tone.
          • Not reachable settings (click to enlarge)
      • Scroll down to bottom and press 'Save' to complete.
      • Make a test call into your system to verify your settings work the way you'd like.

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