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About: SmartVoice web portal


The SmartVoice web portal is a cloud-based tool you can use to manage your SmartVoice services. There are different web portals for users, group administrators, and receptionists.

Log in to the web portal

When you sign up for SmartVoice, you will receive a welcome email containing login credentials for the SmartVoice web portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your credentials.

You will have access to different menus and settings when you log in with regular user credentials, receptionist credentials, or group administrator credentials. Scroll down for details about each version of the web portal.

If you have forgotten your login credentials or want to change your password, visit our support article How To: Reset your SmartVoice web portal password.

Web portal for regular users

The web portal for regular users organizes settings under four tabs:

  • Profile/911 Update: Access your 911 mobility address update, user information, company address, password/voice portal reset, call policies, time schedules, assigned services/packages, phone number/extension, and device information.

  • Calling Features: Change settings for incoming/outgoing calls, call controls, calling plans, messaging, and client applications. Disable, enable, and configure SmartVoice features.

  • My Calls: View call logs detailing placed, received, and missed calls. Run reports on call records by date range or a particular number, then export as PDF or CSV. Display a quick view of the last 20 call records.

  • Utilities: View an enterprise directory of all user names, numbers, extensions, and email addresses in the company. Display a list of available access code names and star codes.

Download the SmartVoice User Guide (PDF).

Web portal for receptionists

Logging in with receptionist credentials provides the same access as a regular web portal user, plus the Receptionist Console.

To launch the console, click the Launch dropdown menu in the top-right corner and select Receptionist Console.

Console features include:

  • Placing a call
  • Speed dial
  • Redialling
  • Call history
  • Search
  • Favourites
  • Phone status
  • Instant messaging status
  • Receptionist status
  • Monitored user options

Download the SmartVoice Receptionist Guide (PDF).

Web portal for group administrators

The web portal for group administrators is organized into nine tabs:

  • Dashboard
  • Group Profile
  • Departments
  • Manage Users
  • Group Services
  • Utilities
  • Directory
  • Disaster Redirect
  • Call Details

Within those tabs, group administrators have full control of call handling and user settings, with the ability to define group policies, manage group features, and configure group services.

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