Music on Hold is a service that allows music or an audio recording to be broadcast to held callers. Music on Hold can be enabled or disabled for 'Call Hold', 'Call Park', and 'Busy Camp On' scenarios and different music/audio can be specified for internal versus external calls.

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Who manages this service?

  • Group Administrator: configures Music on Hold service for business in the group admin portal.
  • Individual users: can turn on/off Music on hold service on their own line.

    Group Administrator Management

    1. Login into with your group admin credentials (forgot password? Read More).
    2. Select 'Group Services' tab, then select 'Site Services' menu and select 'Music on Hold'.
      • 2017-04-19-SV-GroupAdmin
    3. Modify settings as needed:
      • General vs. Internal Call Settings: Use Internal option below to provide alternate audio for employees that are calling to another phone on your system.
      • Music on Hold message: define what audio callers hear.
        • System defined music: default generic music provided by system.
        • External Source: not used.
        • Custom: Upload your own audio file for use.
          • File can be up to 15MB in size and 10 minutes in length.
          • Playback will repeat if caller stays on hold longer than file length.
          • When uploading music, see SOCAN section below.
      • 2017-04-19-SV-HoldMusic2
    4. Press 'Save' when done.
    5. Place a test call to verify it's working as you expect.

      Individual User Management

      End users can enable/disable Music on Hold for their own line (to change other Music on Hold settings, reach out to your group administrator).

      1. Login into with your end user credentials.
      2. Select 'Calling Features' tab.
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      3. Scroll down to 'Call Control' section, and toggle 'Music on Hold' service 'On' or 'Off'.
        • End user Music on Hold (click to enlarge)
      4. Scroll to top or bottom of page and select 'Save'.

      Per call deactivation

      Music on Hold can be disabled during outbound calls on a per call basis.

      1. Lift telephone handset
      2. Dial *60*
      3. Wait for stutter tone, then dial number to call.
      4. Music on Hold service will be disabled for this call, and when caller is placed on hold, they'll hear silence.

      Custom music & SOCAN licencing fees

      Socan Licensing FeesBefore uploading music for your Music on Hold service, you may be required to purchase a licencing fee from SOCAN. If music was provided by a music supplier, SOCAN fees may not apply. It is best to contact SOCAN to ensure you are covered.

      SOCAN represents Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers. Through licences, SOCAN gives businesses that use music the freedom to use any music they want, legally and ethically.