To make sure websites work and route properly, the NS records and DNS records need to use the correct settings. For Shaw Hosting email and website services, check this page for the right settings to use.

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Name Server (NS) records

Shaw Hosting customers with 3rd party domain registration should point to the following NS records with us.

Name Servers

Domain Name Server (DNS) records

Domains that use Shaw Hosting to manage both email and website hosting can simply use the default settings in the Hosting plan's DNS Manager control panel. As these settings must be entered carefully, we recommend DNS changes be handled by your IT person or web developer.

DNS Change Timeframe
Changes to DNS settings can take up to 24 hours to be updated all servers around the world. To reduce downtime, pick a slow day to make any non urgent changes.

Using Multiple Hosting Companies
Some domains might host only their email or website with Shaw, rather than both. Managing these records will need to be thought out carefully for setup:

  1. The Registrar will need to point to the chosen primary hosting company's NS records. It's up to you whether to use Shaw Hosting or the other hosting company as the primary hosting service.
  2. The primary hosting service will be used for managing your DNS records, and to point to the secondary hosting service for the email or website service being hosted there:
    • Shaw Hosting as primary: make sure your registration service points to the NS records listed above, and use Shaw Hosting's DNS Manager to manage your DNS settings. The DNS settings for web/email with us should match what's listed below, and the other service must match the DNS settings form the other hosting company.
    • Other host as primary: make sure your registration service points to the other host's NS records. The DNS settings for your web/email portion with us should match what's listed below.

Shaw Hosting's Website DNS
These are the default settings for Shaw hosted websites.

IN A69.49.101.57
wwwIN A69.49.101.57
ftpIN A69.49.101.57

Shaw Hosting's Email DNS
These are the default settings for Shaw hosted emails.

mailIN A69.49.101.233
popIN A69.49.101.233
smtpIN A69.49.101.233
personalmailIN A69.49.101.55
webmailIN A69.49.101.55
IN MX100
IN MX110

All 3 MX records must be in place for redundancy and load balancing. Failure to use all 3 MX records increases the chance of getting blocked or other mail issues.