SmartWiFi includes a private and guest wireless network to help maintain security. You can manage the most frequently required settings form your Meraki Dashboard login, with additional optional settings available by contacting business technical support.

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Private vs. Guest WiFi basics

Private Network

  • Use only for essential workplace devices to help maintain security.
  • Devices can communicate, do network file transfers, and print to network printers with all devices on the same private WiFi network and Ethernet connected devices.
  • No speed limits by default. Contact Business Technical support to modify speed setting.

Guest Network

  • Use for personal devices and guest devices.
  • Provides direct internet access, with no device to device communication.
  • Speeds limited to ensure the private network runs faster for essential work devices. Contact Business Technical Support to modify speed setting.

Self manage your wireless settings

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Go to 'Network' and select 'Wireless settings'.
    • Wireless Menu (click to expand)
  3. Here you can manage the settings for both your private and guest networks:
    • SSID: Chose between private and guest network to manage. Private network is always at top of list, guest on bottom.
    • SSID name: Rename the network you have selected to manage above.
    • Enabled: Allows disabling or re-enabling your private or guest network. Usually you would want both enabled.
    • Encryption settings: This is the security of your network.
      • Open: It's best to never use the 'open' option, even for guest networks. This leaves traffic more vulnerable to being visible.
      • Encrypted password: always use this option, even for guest networks. A simple option for guest networks is your phone number or something simple.
        • Choose a password type: always use 'WPA2' as recommended.
    • Splash page: For info on this option, see our support article 'How to manage your custom splash page'.
    • Wireless Settings (click to expand)

Additional wireless network options

SmartWiFi includes additional options for businesses that are free to manage by contacting technical support:

  • Wireless speeds: manage download and upload speeds of private and guest network. More info listed on our article 'Manage your WiFi speed limits'.
  • Time of day restrictions: manage when users can access you private and guest networks.