This document provides information on headset/bluetooth compatibility with your Polycom phones and Shaw's support scope.

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Headset connectivity options

Connection Type300 series400 series500 series600 series

Shaw's support scope

Headset support would be from the headset's manufacturer. You should be able to verify compatibility from the headset supplier, which will confirm if your headset model will work properly with Polycom phones. Additional info from Polycom can be found in the document attached below.

Polycom VVX headset settings

Use these VVX phone settings for managing how headsets interact with your calls:

  • Headset memory: choose to default all calls to your headset rather than going to your phone's handset or speaker.
    • Go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Headset Memory > Enable
  • Hookswitch: enables you to answer or end calls by using a button on your headset so you can control calls when you're away from your phone.
    • Go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Hookswitch Mode

Bluetooth headsets

VVX600 series phones should support any Bluetooth headset with these specifications:

  • Integrated Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
  • Bluetooth headset pairing HFP/HSP

Use this information for using Bluetooth headsets with your VVX600 series phones:

  • Verify Bluetooth is on: before you can use a Bluetooth headset with your phone, Bluetooth must be on. Look for a Bluetooth icon in the status bar:
    • 2017-09-28-SV-Headset1
  • Turn on Bluetooth: start from Home view.
    1. Tap Settings -> Basic (1) -> Bluetooth Settings (13) -> Bluetooth Radio (1)
      • The Bluetooth Radio screen displays.
    2. To turn Bluetooth on by tapping On (2).
      • The message Turning BT radio on / Please wait displays. The Bluetooth symbol will show in status bar (shown above) when it's ready.
  • Pair & connect a headset: before you use your Bluetooth headset, you need to pair and connect it with your phone.
    1. Turn on your Bluetooth headset and place it in discovery mode. Refer to your headset documentation about enabling discovery mode.
    2. From Lines view, press the Bluetooth icon in the status bar, tap Manage BT Headsets (2).
    3. Tap Scan, making sure your headset is in discovery mode first.
    4. All nearby Bluetooth devices in discovery mode will show on screen. A red icon displays next to each unpaired headset.
      • 2017-09-28-SV-Headset2
    5. Tap on screen or select number to highlight the headset to pair, then tap Add to begin the pairing process. An Adding device message displays.
    6. After your headset is added, the Manage BT Headsets screen displays. Your headset will be paired, but not connected.
      • 2017-09-28-SV-Headset3
    7. Select the headset you want to connect, and tap Connect. A Connecting device message displays.
      • 2017-09-28-SV-Headset4
    8. After your headset connects, a Headset attached message displays, and your headset model will display next to the Bluetooth/Headset icon, the icon that indicates that your headset is both paired and connected.
      • 2017-09-28-SV-Headset5
  • Using multiple headsets: up to 4 Bluetooth headsets can be paired to a phone, however, only one can be connected at a time.
  • Range: has been found to be approximately 8 to 10 feet from the VVX600 handset. Calls may cut out if you go too far from your phone.
  • Handling calls on your Bluetooth headset: when your headset is turned on, paired and connected with your phone, you can:
    • Answer and end calls.
    • Mute or adjust call volume.
    • Switch from headset during call by picking up the handset or pressing Speaker button.
    • If you turn your headset off, a message will show "Headset removed" on phone's screen. It will still be paired, and when you turn your headset back on, phone will display "Headset attached" to indicate you can use it again to handle calls.

USB headsets

VX500 & VVX600 series phones officially support specific USB headsets. Polycom has tested all models listed in the document attached below for performance and functionality. Other USB headset models may still work, but there may be limited functionality.

  • Supported USB headsets are plug & play when connected via the Polycom phone.

      Use headsets with desktop app

      • Use headset for all audio on your computer: If you want all audio to use your headset, you don't need to change anything in your SmartVoice desktop app. See your operating system's instructions or look online to see how to select your default audio input/output.
        • Example in Windows 10:
          1. right-click the speaker symbol and click 'Playback Devices'.
          2. Select your headset and click 'Set Default' at the bottom.
          3. Do the same under the Recording Devices tab.

      • Use headset only for SmartVoice calls: If you want general audio out of speakers and only your SmartVoice calls to go through your headset, set this from the SmartVoice app:
        1. In SmartVoice desktop app, go to File menu > Preferences > Audio tab.
        2. Set the 'Input Device' and 'Output Device' to your headset.

        Compatible headset user guide

        Using Headsets with Polycom Phones (PDF) Using headsets with Polycom phones