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About: SmartVoice headset compatibility


Below, you’ll find an overview of compatibility between headsets and SmartVoice phones. To ensure that your headset will work with a specific brand/model of phone, contact the headset manufacturer directly.

Polycom headsets

Headset support is provided by the headset's manufacturer. If you aren't sure, ask them if your headset model will work properly with Polycom phones.

You can also download the Using headsets with Polycom phones user guide (PDF).

USB x x
Bluetooth x x x x

Cisco headsets

Headset support is provided by the headset's manufacturer. If you aren't sure, ask them if your headset model will work properly with Cisco phones.

Connection Type88458865
RJ-9 & RJ-11

Bluetooth headsets

VVX600 series phones support Bluetooth headsets with:

  • Integrated Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
  • Bluetooth headset pairing HFP/HSP

VVX400/500 series phones support Bluetooth via USB adapter (provided by Shaw).

VVX300 series phones do not support Bluetooth

Enabling Bluetooth on the VVX600 Polycom phones: Before you can use a Bluetooth headset with your phone, Bluetooth must be enabled on the phone. Look for a Bluetooth icon in the status bar. If the Bluetooth icon is there, then skip to Step 2. Verifying Bluetooth is enabled

Step 1 How to turn on Bluetooth: Start from Home view.

  1. Tap Settings > Basic (1) > Bluetooth Settings (13) > Bluetooth Radio (1).
    • The Bluetooth Radio screen displays.
  2. Turn Bluetooth on by tapping On (2).
  • The message "Turning BT radio on / Please wait" will be displayed. The Bluetooth symbol will show in the status bar (shown above) when ready.

Step 2 How to pair and connect a headset: Before you use your Bluetooth headset, you need to pair and connect it with your phone.

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth headset and place it in discovery mode. Refer to your headset's documentation about enabling discovery mode.
  2. From the Lines view, press the Bluetooth icon in the status bar, then tap Manage BT Headsets (2).
  3. Tap Scan, making sure your headset is in discovery mode first.
  4. All nearby Bluetooth devices in discovery mode will show on the screen. A red icon will be displayed next to each unpaired headset. Smartvoice Pairing Bluetooth
  5. Tap on the screen or select a number to highlight the headset to pair, then tap 'Add' to begin the pairing process. An "Adding device" message displays.
  6. After your headset is added, the Manage BT Headsets screen will be displayed. Your headset will be paired, but not connected. Paired but not connected bluetooth
  7. Select the headset you want to connect, then tap 'Connect'. A "Connecting device" message will be displayed. Bluetooth connecting
  8. After your headset connects, a "Headset attached" message will be displayed, and your headset model will show next to the Bluetooth/Headset icon, which indicates that your headset is both paired and connected. Bluetooth is now connected

  • Using multiple headsets: Up to four Bluetooth headsets can be paired to a phone. However, only one can be connected at a time.
  • Range: The range has been found to be approximately 8 to 10 feet from the VVX600 handset. Calls may cut out if you move too far from your phone.
  • Handling calls on your Bluetooth headset: When your headset is turned on, paired, and connected with your phone, you can:
    • Answer and end calls.
    • Mute or adjust call volume.
    • Switch from your headset to your handset during call by picking up the handset or pressing the 'Speaker' button.
    • If you turn your headset off, a message will appear on the phone's screen that says "Headset removed". It will still be paired, and when you turn your headset back on, your phone will display "Headset attached" to indicate you can use it again to handle calls.

USB Headsets

  • VX500 and VVX600 series phones officially support specific USB headsets. Polycom has tested all models listed in the user guide for performance and functionality.
  • Other USB headset models may work, but there may be limited functionality.
  • Supported USB headsets are plug and play when connected via the Polycom phone

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