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Shaw Hosting Invoices & Payments


You can view invoices and update your credit card information via your Shaw Hosting web portal.

About Shaw Hosting Invoices

How it works

Your Shaw Hosting account is automatically invoiced every month (based on sign up date) and there is a charge attempted to the credit card on the account.

  • When the payment is successfully processed you will recieve a payment confirmation from hosting
  • If, for some reason, payment is not successfully processed the system will attempt a payment every morning for 11 days. You will also recieve payment warning emails:
  • It could be your credit card information need to be updated. (details further below).
    • You've received 1-11 payment warning emails: the system will process a payment with your updated information automatically, either tomorrow morning for past due accounts, or on your next billing date. There's no need to call in after following the credit card update steps below.
    • You've received 12+ payment warning emails: after completing the credit card update using the steps below, please call into Hosting technical support to ensure your account gets resumed from suspension, as we'll need to process 1 or more manual payments to get your account working correctly.

How to update credit card information

  1. Log in to your hosting portal at
    • the default username is your domain name, however you may have changed it to an e-mail address while signed in previously.
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the login page.
  2. Near the top right select the My Account menu.
  3. Select Payments. Select Payments from the drop down
  4. Update all info, then press Save.
  5. Check your email for payment warnings.

    Update hosting credit card info

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