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Smart Remote Office self-connect


Smart Remote Office uses the Z3, a powerful teleworker gateway that is designed to securely extend the office network to employees working from home. Learn how easy it is to set up in 3 easy steps!

What's in the box

Z3 device, power adapter, a power cable, an ethernet cable and a sticker with QR code for easy access to Technical Support. Please let us know if you are missing anything from the box.

Z3 | What's in the box

Connecting your Z3 device

Connecting the Z3 device

  1. Connect the power adapter to the Z3 device and then to a wall outlet with the power cable provided.
  2. Connect the CAT5 Ethernet cable to the Internet port on the Z3 device and then to your modem.
  3. You can now add any device (laptop, tablet, etc.), wired or wireless!
    • Wired connections: connect to ports 2-5 on the Z3 device.
    • Wireless connection: contact your Corporate IT for the wireless network name (SSID) and password.

Add the QR code sticker to the Z3 device so that if you need help it is always at your fingertips

Z3 Device Status

Status Indicator- The Z3 uses a single LED to inform of the device’s status.

Z3 Led light

Setup can take up to 10 minutes.

LED Status Description
Solid White Fully Operational
Flashing White Firmware upgrade in progress
Rainbow colours The device is attempting to connect
Solid Orange Power is applied but device is not yet provisioned. Call Shaw to get assistance

Smart Remote FAQs

Does Smart Remote Office work with a third-party internet service provider?

Yes, Smart Remote office will work if you have either Shaw Business Internet or a Third-Party ISP.

Can I take my Z3 with me anywhere and still get seamless auto-VPN connectivity?

Yes, if you have access to a separate internet connection and a power source for the Z3 to connect to.

Need Help?

Check to make sure your Internet connection is working.

  1. If your Internet is not working, contact your Internet Service Provider
  2. If your Z3 is not working, contact us using the QR code provided in the box or use one of the contact methods listed below.

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