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Shaw Business Phone: Spam Call Blocking Feature


Shaw's new Spam Call Blocking feature can be turned on via My Shaw to detect and block phone numbers identified as spam. Available to Shaw Business accounts with an existing phone service.

What is Spam Call Blocking?

We've likely all received a spam call at some point. You know the ones… they can be fraudulent, malicious, or just plain annoying. Spam Call Blocking is a feature that provides opt-in call filtering to intercept these suspected nuisance calls.

Spam call blocking option is included on all Business Phone plans at no cost.

How it works

Shaw uses complex algorithms to detect and block unsolicited calls. Numbers deemed spam are given a negative reputation and will be filtered out.

With Spam Call Blocking enabled, incoming spam call handling depends on whether Shaw voicemail is enabled:

  • Voicemail enabled: spam call will go straight to voicemail.
  • Voicemail disabled: spam call will be terminated and not received at all on your end.

Spam Call Blocking is an opt-in feature, meaning it will be disabled by default until you enable it through My Shaw. Shaw can also enable it for you by calling in to technical support.

Learn how to opt-in on How to Opt-In for Spam Call Blocking feature using My Shaw.


Check out the FAQs
Why is Shaw offering Spam Call Blocking?
  • Based on CRTC decision, Shaw must have an Opt-in Call Blocking solution for phone customers. For more information, visit the CRTC's 2018-32 web page.
What if I want to receive calls from a number that has been identified by Shaw as spam?
  • At this time, you can only opt-in or opt-out of Spam Call Blocking.
  • If you are sure you would like to receive these calls, you can opt-out of Spam Call Blocking with My Shaw. However, you may receive other calls that have been deemed spam.
  • If you feel that a number has been deemed spam in error, contact Technical Support so we can look into it.
Can Spam Call Blocking and Selective Call Blocking both work at the same time?
  • YES
I asked for Spam Call Blocking to be put on my line. Why am I still receiving spam / nuisance calls?
  • Double check that Spam Calling is enabled in My Shaw
  • Visit and select My Shaw Home Phone Number to report the number
  • If you are still receiving spam calls contact Technical Support so we can look into it for you.
My business number has been incorrectly reported as spam. How can I report this?

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