How to test your Internet connection from your Shaw modem


Learn how to test your Business Internet connection directly from your Shaw modem to identify if the issues is a Shaw issue or on your internal network.

Connect direct to your Shaw Modem

Slow Internet speeds may be caused by Shaw network backbone or modem issues. Testing directly from your modem will identify if the slow speed problems occur on Shaw's side or in your internal network.

Note: This test will cause downtime for your staff so schedule this test carefully.

  1. Disconnect all of your network devices from the Shaw modem while you run this test.
  2. Hardwire one of your computers directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable (preferably Cat 6 or 6A).
  3. Visit and run the test.
  4. Compare the results to your subscribed Shaw Business Internet plan.
    • Download and upload numbers should be in line with the plan’s advertised speeds.
    • Ping time results should be lower than 30ms. The lower the number, the better.
    • If the results don’t match the advertised speeds of your Business Internet plan, contact Business Technical Support to troubleshoot further. Do not reset the modem before contacting Technical Support.
    • If the results match the advertised speeds of your Business Internet plan, the speed issues are localized within your business network. Shaw may not be able to assist with third party issues, but continue with more of the following troubleshooting tests for helpful tips.

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