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How To: Set up Advantage Voice hold music


Configuring the Music on Hold service will play music (or another audio recording) for callers you’ve placed on hold.

Uploading audio files

Before you can set a music or other audio file to play for callers on hold, you will need to upload the file, or record a custom message. You can learn how to do both by reading the article How To: Upload or record custom audio files.

Please note that before you upload copyrighted music to theMusic on Hold service, you may be required to purchase a licensing fee from SOCAN. If your music file was provided by a music supplier, SOCAN fees may not apply. We suggest that you contact SOCAN to ensure that you are covered, or learn more at

Enable the Music On Hold feature

Group administrators can enable the Music On Hold feature for calls being held, parked (placed on hold on one desk phone, and continued on another), and camped (incoming calls held in queue for the same desk phone).

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your group administrator credentials.
  3. Click the Group Services tab.
  4. Click Site Services and select Music On Hold from the dropdown list.
  5. Configure settings as desired.
    • Under Departments without Music On Hold settings, click Add to exclude lines from the service.
    • Under Group/Department settings, select a group/department from the dropdown list. Then, under General Settings, select checkboxes to enable hold music during Call Hold, Call Park, and Busy Camp On. Under Music On Hold Message, select an audio file to play for callers on hold (System-defined music or Custom — but not External source).
    • Under Internal Calls settings, you can choose an alternate audio file for callers on-hold within your business.
  6. Click Save.

Selectively disable Music On Hold

Enabling or disable Music On Hold on your own Advantage Voice line or extension:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your personal credentials.
  3. Click the Calling Features tab.
  4. Under Call Control, set Music On Hold to On or Off.
  5. Click Save.

To disable hold music on outbound calls, when you anticipate putting the other party on hold:

  1. Lift the receiver.
  2. Dial ✱60✱.
  3. Wait for a stutter tone, then dial the number to call.

For the duration of the call, if the other party is placed on hold, they will hear silence.

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