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Learn about the features of the Advantage WiFi (formerly SmartWiFi) service from Rogers Business. View our downloadable Advantage WiFi user guides to explore available features.

Overview of Advantage WiFi Features

Advantage WiFi from Rogers Business provides superior Internet coverage and web analytics for invaluable customer insights. Supported by extraordinary fast speeds of Gig 2.0, Advantage WiFi will help you enhance your business operations with a WiFi 6 capable modem. Here are some additional features of Advantage WiFi:

  • User-friendly Portal– once you log into the Advantage WiFi Portal, from the Networktab, you will have access to:

    • Client analytics
    • Location analytics
    • Wireless settings
  • Access to Client Analytics which allows you to view a tabulated list of all devices connecting to your network and what they are doing while on the network. Gain insight into how your Network is being used and obtain additional information about the users on your network.

  • Access to Location Analytics which provides insight using intuitive graphs for capture rate, engagement and loyalty.

  • Access to Wireless Settings where you can:

    • Manage/Change your Network name (SSID)
    • Enable/Disable the Network
    • Set encryption settings
    • Set up a Splash page Advantage WiFi Portal Rogers Business Advantage WiFi Wireless Network Settings

To learn more about Rogers Business Advantage WiFi plans please visit our Advantage WiFi product page.

User Guides

Your business is equipped with Rogers Business Advantage WiFi. This webpage provides easy-to-follow downloadable user guides for all features included with your service.

Download PDFAdvantage WiFi User Guide

Download PDFAdvantage WiFi - Hitron modem Configuration User Guide

User Portal

To activate your account, change your temporary password, and manage your features visit: Advantage WiFi Online Portal

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