Use Webmail retrieve and send messages, as well as manage email preferences. Access your webmail by going to or webmail.yourdomain to login. Since Webmail is encrypted for security, it's the preferred email option when travelling internationally.

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Accessing your Webmail

Login to your Webmail account at (or webmail.yourdomain) using your full email address and password.

Webmail 7 Update Overview

On March 28, 2017, the Shaw Hosting Webmail was upgraded to include a new interface and more features.

  • Tour: Upon your first login, you will be presented with an interactive Tour pop-up, highlighting the main features within Webmail. This can be found again in top right menu.
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  • Rich Text Signatures: font, formatting, pictures and links can all be added in signatures now, without having to know HTML. Go to Preferences -> Mail -> Signatures.
  • External Email Integration: Available on current plans, connect alternate email accounts to view and manage incoming emails, and create new messages directly within the Inbox. Automatically integrate from, Gmail, Yahoo with username and password. Integrating other email addresses work, but require entering all IMAP settings correctly.
  • Notes: All previously saved notes can now be found under its new name of 'TaskBox'.
  • TaskBox: Create and edit tasks with varying priority, list sub-tasks and include notes and attachments.
    • Add due dates and configurable reminders.
    • Sort tasks by views including Due Today, This Week, Later, Shared, No Due Date, and Create Date.
    • Add custom tags to tasks for simple sorting and customizable views.
    • Add emails to TaskBox in one-click from your Inbox.
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  • Mail: Inbox has been renamed 'Mail' and now certain options and menus only appear when contextually relevant. Message options only appear after selecting a message. Menus are icon only (no preference to show name) but icon names will appear by hovering over icon.
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  • Social Compose: Supporting Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; Social Compose lets you post to social media directly from your Webmail.
    • Importing Social Media Contacts:
      1. Go to Preferences (gear) icon.
      2. Click 'Social'.
      3. Click 'Import Contacts'.
    • Write New Social Media Post:
      1. Go to 'Mail' section.
      2. Click compose drop down arrow and select 'Social'
      3. Select which feed (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) to post to.
      4. Compose message.
      5. Add hyperlink with the 'Link' button if wanted.
      6. Select 'Post Now' to complete.
      7. Twitter posts must be less than 140 characters to be able to post. Twitter option won't work if message is too long.
    • 2017-03-22-SH-Webmail-04

Password changes, spam, whitelisting, and blacklisting preferences can also be controlled through EasyMailSetup by logging into your hosting portal.



  • How do I create new email addresses?
    1. Your domain's administrator can log in to he hosting control panel to manage current addresses and create new email addresses as needed.
  • How can I change my password?
    1. Select 'Preferences' (gear icon) from the left-hand menu within Webmail. Select 'Account Security', and input your current and new password. Hit 'Save.'
  • Where did my saved notes go in Webmail 7?
    1. Notes are now located in the 'TaskBox' section of Webmail. New notes will be saved as “tasks”.


  • Is the Social Compose textbox restricted to 140 characters?
    1. No, but you will only be able to post to Twitter if your message is 140 or less characters. Social Compose shows you your character count in the bottom right corner of the textbox.
  • Will my unsent messages get saved as Drafts?
    1. Make sure to click 'Save Draft' before closing windows with unsent messages or else some or all of the message may be lost. While a window is left open, webmail will periodically save unsent messages to drafts.
  • Can I export emails using Webmail?
    1. No, you cannot export emails from Webmail.
  • Can I save email from Webmail in EML format?
    1. Saving emails as EML files from Webmail is not currently supported.


  • When creating a new calendar event, what will “Alert” do?
    1. You can add alerts when creating new events, selecting between “Device notification” and “Email” and specifying a time. Selecting “Device notification” will show a banner at the top of your Webmail page at the time specified. Users must be logged into Webmail to see the banner reminder.
  • How do I use the “Next Available Time” feature in Calendar?
    1. Easily schedule meetings with colleagues on your domain that have shared their calendars when you’re booking a calendar event using the “Next Available Time” feature. Add attendees to your meeting invite by typing in the email in “Add Attendees”, and once you have all required attendees, click the arrows on the right to find the Next Available Time slots.
  • How can I share my personal calendar publicly?
    1. You can now easily let others know your availability by sharing your calendar, showing blocked or free time.
      1. In the Preference Tab, go to the Calendar header and click on the General button.
      2. In the Calendar screen, click on the “View Links” button under the Public Calendar Links section:
        • A slide out on the right hand side of the screen will appear titled “Public Links”
        • The Public URL with the calendar details is displayed in the HTML section.


  • When creating a task, if I add an email address in the Collaborators field, will it automatically send an email?
    1. Yes, once you save the Task, the collaborator will automatically receive an email that a task was shared with them.


  • How can I create a an email signature?
    1. To create an email signature:
      1. Select 'Preferences' (gear icon) from the left-hand menu within Webmail.
      2. Select 'Signatures' from within Mail preferences.
      3. Add a signature title, and write and format your email signature and click 'Add'.
      4. Your new signature will now appear on your List of Signatures.
  • Can I use HTML in my signature?
    1. Yes, you can set up signatures using HTML.
  • How can I set a default email signature on my outgoing emails?
    1. You can have multiple email signatures and set the default signature by selecting the star next to the title of your preferred signature. When composing a new email, your default email signature will appear at the bottom of the email and there will be a dropdown of all of your available signatures so you can select an alternative signature if desired.
  • Where can I see my data usage or disk space used?
    1. In Webmail, select “Preferences” (gear icon) from the left-hand menu within Webmail. Select “Data Usage” to view your disk space used and remaining, as well as a breakdown by Inbox folder.
  • How can I set up an Auto Reply message to respond to incoming messages while I’m absent?
    1. To set up an Auto Reply, select “Preferences” (gear icon) from the left-hand menu within Webmail. Select “Auto Reply”, and input a title, start and end date, any conditions and the content of your message and hit “Save.”
  • How can I change my Reply-to address?
    1. You can select from alias emails linked to your account. In Webmail, go to Preferences > Advanced and select an email from the Reply-to address drop-down options. To setup aliases, have your domain's administrator can create alias emails using EasyMailSetup in the hosting Control Panel. "Alias" accounts are email addresses which forward mail to one or more email accounts. Aliases do not have their own inbox. For example, you might create the alias email and have it forward to Once the alias is setup for your account in there then it will appear in Webmail 7 Reply-to address drop-down options.
  • How can I change my From address?
    1. You can select from alias emails linked to your account. In Webmail, go to Preferences > Advanced and select an email from the From address drop-down options.
  • What is the limit for adding email addresses and domains in Whitelist and Blacklist?
    1. There is no limit to the number of emails or domains you can add in Whitelist and Blacklist.
  • What does “Allow desktop notifications” under Preferences > Advanced do?
    1. Enabling “Allow desktop notifications” turns on browser notifications that alerts a user that they have received a new email. Webmail must be logged in and open in the browser for users to receive notifications.
  • What file format does the “Upload a sound file” for new mail option under Preferences > Advanced support?
    1. Sound file uploading supports mp3 and wav files.


  • What is Account?
    1. Account lets you add in external email accounts to receive all your emails in one place.
  • I don't see Account as an option in preferences.
    1. Have your domain's administrator verify what package your company subscribes to. This feature requires either Plus, eCommerce, Get Online, Get Found, or Convert Leads. Older domain hosting plans without this feature can be upgraded to a new monthly plan by contacting technical support. Legacy,, and addresses cannot be upgraded to get this feature.
  • Does account tab support IMAP? If it is IMAP, will added email accounts contribute to my usage data?
    1. Yes, the account tab supports IMAP and any emails added will contribute to your usage data. Your external mail data will be downloaded.
  • Is there a limit on the number of emails I can add to my Inbox from otherplatforms, for example Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or other?
    1. No, there is no limit on the number of configured emails added to your Inbox.

Additional Webmail Support

Additional Support Resources are available to you through your web mail interface's 'Support Center'.

  1. Click on your name at the the top right corner of the browser.
  2. In the drop down, choose 'Support Center'.




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