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Shaw Business Webmail FAQs


Learn more about your Rogers (formerly Shaw) Business Webmail with answers to some commonly answered questions about Shaw hosted Webmail. Access your business email through Webmail.


Answers to some commonly answered questions about Shaw Hosting Webmail


How do I create new email addresses?

  • Your domain's administrator can log in to the hosting control panel to manage current email addresses and create new email addresses as needed.

How can I change my password?

  • Select 'Preferences' (gear icon) from the left hand menu within Webmail. Select 'Account Security' and input your current and new password. Hit Save.

Is the Social Compose text box restricted to 140 characters?

  • No, but you will only be able to post to Twitter if your message is 140 characters or less. Social Compose displays the character count in the bottom right corner of the text box.

Will my unsent messages be saved as drafts automatically?

  • Make sure to click 'Save Draft' before closing windows with unsent messages or else part or all of the message may be lost. Webmail will periodically save unsent messages as drafts while the window is open.

Can I export emails using Webmail?

  • No. You cannot export emails from Webmail.

Can I save emails from Webmail in EML format?

  • No. Saving emails as EML files from Webmail is not currently supported.


Is there an alert option for Calendar events?

  • Yes you can add alerts when creating new events in the Calendar. You must be logged in to Webmail to see the banner reminder.

How do I use the 'Next Available Time' feature in Calendar?

  • Use the 'Next Available Time' feature to schedule meetings with other colleagues that have shared their calendars. Add attendees to your meeting and use the arrows to find the next available time slots for meetings.

Can I share my personal calendar publicly?

  • Yes, you can let others know your availability by sharing your calendar and showing blocked or free time.
    1. In the Preferences tab, go to the Calendar header and click on the General button.
    2. Once you are in the Calendar screen, click on the View Links button under the Public Calendar Links section.
      • A slide-out on the right hand side of the screen will appear, titled Public Links.
      • Share the URL displayed in the HTML section


When creating a task, if I add an email address in the 'Collaborators' field, will it automatically send an email to him or her?

  • Yes. Once you save the task, your collaborator will automatically receive an email that a task was shared with them.

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