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Business Webmail Preferences: FAQs


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Common Questions

How can I create an email signature?

  • To create an email signature:
    1. Select Preferences
    2. Select Signatures from within Mail Preferences.
    3. Add a signature title, write and format your email signature, and click Add.

Your new signature will now appear on your List of Signatures.

Can I use HTML in my signature?

  • Yes. You can set up signatures using HTML.

How can I set a default email signature on my outgoing emails?

  • Yes, you can set the default signature by selecting the star next to the title of your preferred signature. When composing a new email, there will be a drop-down of all of your available signatures so you can select an alternative signature if desired.

Can I see my data usage or disk space used?

  • Yes, under Preferences select Data Usage to view the disk space used and remaining, as well as a breakdown by inbox folder.

How can I set up an auto-reply message to respond to incoming messages while I’m absent?

  • In 'Preferences' select Auto Reply and input a title, start and end date, any conditions, and the content of your message, and hit Save.

Can I change my 'Reply-to' address?

  • Yes, by selecting alias emails linked to your account. Go to Preferences > Advanced and select an email from the drop-down options in the 'Reply-to' field.
  • Your domain's administrator can create alias emails within the hosting portal

How can I change my 'From' address?

  • You can select from alias emails linked to your account. In Webmail, go to 'Preferences' > 'Advanced' and select an email from the 'From' field's drop-down options.

What is the limit for adding email addresses and domains in Whitelist and Blacklist?

  • There is no limit to the number of emails or domains you can add in whitelist and blacklist.

What does 'Allow desktop notifications' under 'Preferences' > 'Advanced' mean?

  • This turns on browser notifications that alerts a user that they have received a new email. Webmail must be logged in and open in the browser for users to receive notifications.

What file format is supported by the “Upload a sound file” for new mail (under Preferences > Advanced support)?

  • Uploading sound files supports mp3 and wav files.


What is 'Accounts' under the Preference tab?

  • Account lets you add external email accounts to receive all your emails in one place.

I don't see 'Accounts' as an option in Preferences.

  • This feature is only available with certain hosting plans. Confirm with your domain administrator whether this is available to you.

Does the 'Accounts' tab support IMAP? If so, will added email accounts contribute to my usage data?

  • Yes. The Accounts tab supports IMAP and any emails added will contribute to your usage data. In this scenario, your external mail data will be downloaded.

Is there a limit on the number of emails I can add to my inbox from other platforms, such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo?

  • No. There is no limit on the number of configured emails added to your inbox.

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