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How to Use Shaw Business Hosted Webmail


Learn more about using Shaw Hosting Webmail including how to access your Webmail and how to retrieve and send email messages. Check out our Shaw Hosting Webmail FAQs.

About Shaw Hosting Webmail

info__Did you know?__ Additional support resources are available to you through your Webmail interface's 'Support Center' section? This is found in the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner.

Log in to your Webmail account at (or using your full email address and password.

Upon your first login, you will be presented with an interactive tour pop-up window, highlighting the main features within Webmail. This can be found again in top right menu.

Shaw Hosting Webmail Introduction

Business Webmail User Guides

Use the following guides to manage your Shaw Hosting Webmail.

Manage your InboxManage ContactsWebmail Preferences
  • Change my inbox view
  • Filter my inbox
  • Manage your inbox
  • Send an email
  • Add placeholders to your message
  • Add calendar availability to your message

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  • Contacts menu
  • Add and edit contacts
  • Import contacts
  • Create a contact list as a CSV file
  • Export contacts
  • Manage your address book

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  • General settings
  • Change language preference
  • Change your theme
  • Advanced message settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Change your password

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Webmail CalendarWebmail TasksGeneral Webmail
  • Calendar preferences
  • Agenda
  • Create and edit calendars
  • Create an event
  • View an event
  • Edit an event

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  • TaskBox menu
  • Create and edit tasks
  • Turn emails into tasks
  • Create a new tag

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  • Understanding the Webmail Interface
  • Synchronizing Blackberry Devices
  • Synchronizing iOS Devices
  • Syncing with a Mobile Device

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