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Enterprise Business Billing and Payments


Shaw Business invoices for Enterprise business are identified by 1-5 digit account numbers. Use these guidelines for managing your billing and payments online through My Shaw Enterprise.

My Shaw Enterprise

Registering for My Shaw Enterprise is easy! Once registered you can:

  • Add multiple accounts
  • Add additional Shaw IDs
  • View past and current bills for all of your accounts.
  • View usage by city or service

To Register

  1. Visit
  2. Select Register now.
  3. Enter any valid email address (You will not be able to use the same email account for your existing My Shaw account).
  4. Create a password (must include 8-64 characters, an upper & lowercase letter, and one number).
  5. Enter account number.
  6. Enter the Account Security Number for your account.
    • New customers: will receive a Welcome email that includes account number and security number.
    • Existing customer: If you don't know your security number contact us.
  7. Complete the activation link sent to your email.

Add additional accounts & secondary Shaw IDs

  1. Select My Profile from the top bar.
  2. Add additional accounts under My Accounts (security code required for each account).
  3. Add secondary My Shaw IDs under the My Shaw IDs section
    • An activation email will be sent to this address.
    • Up to 4 secondary Shaw IDs can be registered to the Primary Account
    • Shaw IDs already active on another account cannot be linked.
    • Business name can be updated along with the registered Shaw ID.
      • TIP: Should be in relation to the business for easier identification, an example would be: 32 Ave Location, or McDonalds 32

Viewing Invoices

  1. Select My Bills on the top bar.
  2. Your current Invoice is listed under Account Overview.
  3. Past invoices are located under Account History and can be downloaded as pdfs.

Viewing your bill

Viewing Usage

  1. Navigate to the My Usage drop down and select by service or city.
  2. Select either the service or city associated to the account under the Please Choose drop down.
  3. Enter a data range.
  4. Select either Sustained or Metered.

View Usage
Switching between accounts

  1. Navigate to the current Shaw ID on the top right bar.
  2. Click the drop down menu and select the account name from the drop down list.

Switch between accounts

About your invoice

Shaw Business mails a condensed environmentally friendly invoice at the beginning of each month. This summary invoice does not contain all of your service details. Full invoice details and billing history is available 24/7/365 through My Shaw Enterprise.

Your first invoice will contain:

  • Prorated monthly recurring charges for the current month based on the date your service was installed (e.g. June 10-30)
  • Usage charges for the current month, if applicable (June 10-30)
  • Advance monthly recurring charges for the next month (July 1-31)
  • One-time charges such as installation or wiring charges, if applicable

Future monthly invoices will contain:

  • Usage charges for the current month, if applicable (Jul 1-31)
  • Advance monthly recurring charges for the next month (Aug 1-31)

Arrange for pre-authorized payments:

Contact us via email or call 1-866-244-7474.


Contact us at 1-877-742-9249.

Payment Options

Payment Options

As a Shaw Business customer, we make it easy for you to pay your bill. Discover the multiple, convenient options for paying your bill. All invoices are due upon receipt. Payment options include:

  • Electronic payments through your financial institution which includes online banking, wire transfer and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • In-person through a teller at your financial institution
  • Calling in a credit card or arranging for pre-authorized payments by calling 1-866-244-7474 and selecting option 3, then option 1
  • Mailing in a cheque
  • OR Couriered to your closest retail location

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