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How to change Two-Step Verification for My Shaw


Learn how to protect your online identities with this additional layer of security for your business by setting up two-step verification for your My Shaw account.

Changing Two-Step Verification for My Shaw

Note: You can only remove one of the two methods, you can’t remove the option entirely. If you remove your primary two-step verification method, the remaining one will become the primary by default.

  1. In My Shaw, click on My Profile and select Edit Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the My Shaw IDs section.
  3. Click on SMS or Email beside the Shaw ID in the 2-Step Verification column
    • It will display whichever method is currently set as the primary.
    • Use the button on the left to change the primary method. Change your primary contact method
  4. Click on Edit for the option you want to update or Remove to entirely remove a contact.

How to change or remove your Two-Step Verification Contact

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