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How to set up Two-Step Verification for My Shaw


Sign in securely to My Shaw with your Shaw ID using Two-Step verification.

What is Two-Step Verification?

When two-step verification is enabled on a Shaw ID, My Shaw will detect when someone is attempting to sign in (with the correct Shaw ID and password) with a new browser. My Shaw will then prompt for the six-digit code that is sent to your registered mobile phone or email address.

  • Two-step verification is a new type of authentication , which requires you to provide two independent ways to confirm your identity. The authentication system validates the two separate sets of credentials and grants access only if both are confirmed to be valid.

  • Two-step verification thereby reduces the risk of another person accessing your account even if they know your password.

Two-step verification set up process

Key Points

alert iconTwo-step verification is only available on My Shaw (web).
alert iconIt will not prompt for Two-step verification when using the My Shaw App, Rogers WiFi Hotspots, Ignite TV, or any channel apps.
alert iconTwo-step verification is an optional feature for our customers. While we recommend using it, it is not mandatory.

Click the Show More button for the steps on enabling Two-Step verification.


  1. Sign into your My Shaw account at
  2. A pop-up will appear to Enable two-step verification

    • If you clicked Skip for now, you can setup by visiting My Shaw IDs under My Profile.
    • Click Set Up under 2-Step Verification
    • Click Set up beside SMS or Email (your preferred method).
  3. Use one of the two additional verification options.
    a. Use SMS Text Message

    1. Enter your phone number and click on Send code
    2. A six digit code will be sent to your phone number and will expire after 30 minutes

    b. Use Email Account

    1. Enter your email address and click on Send code
    2. A six digit code will be sent to your email and will expire after 30 minutes
  4. Enter the six-digit code and select Verify

    • If more than 30 minutes have passed or if you've entered the code incorrectly three times, click on Resend verification code to generate a new six-digit code
  5. Once entered correctly, you will see a banner reflecting the method you signed up under

How to set up Two step verification on your preferred device


Adding a Second Contact Method

  1. In My Shaw, click on My Profile
  2. Scroll down to the My Shaw IDs section
  3. Click on SMS or Email beside the Shaw ID in the 2-Step Verification column

    • It will display whichever method is currently set as the primary
  4. Click on Set up beside the method that isn't currently enabled
  5. Enter the email address and click Send code
  6. Enter the six-digit code that appeared in your email and click Verify
  7. Upon entering the six-digit code successfully, you will receive confirmation that it has been set up.

Adding a second contact method

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