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How to manage advanced business email settings


Learn how to access and manage your advanced email settings for your Rogers business email account. Use the EasyMail Setup dashboard to access advanced settings.

EasyMail advanced settings

Advanced features, alias emails, catchalls, forwarding and modifying existing emails can all be configured in the EasyMail Setup Dashboard.

Information Icon__Email Health Needs Attention__

Domains will show potential issues with email as a warning. If you see this warning in your dashboard contact Rogers Business technical support for further assistance. Email Health Needs Attention

Advanced Features

From the dashboard you can make quick modifications on multiple email accounts for the following:

  • Passwords
  • 'Forgot password' questions
  • Junk filter status
  • Filter Type
  • Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Setting up email forwards

Modify Existing Emails

Click More Settings for more advanced options such as Whitelisting and Blacklisting.

Easymail dashboard view

Information Icon__Tip__: __Select Modify an existing email account__ on the main menu to manage individual existing email addresses with all the same options as the Dashboard.

Alias emails

Aliases forward to a real email address but don't have their own inbox. They're helpful when transitioning to a new email address. Aliases differ from normal forwarding in a few ways:

  • Alias has no mail storage of its own.
  • Alias address can be used to send messages from main account.


  • Webmail can manually choose to use an alias address when sending messages
  • Email clients change sending address for mail to come from alias.
  • Expect a delay of 10-15 minutes before enable/disable of forwarding takes effect. Wait 15 minutes and re-test when changing setting.

Create Alias

  1. From main dashboard window, select Create a new Account.
  2. Select Create Alias Account. Create alias
  3. Choose an account name and add the forwarding address. When done click Next

    Alias details

Alias account is now set up


Catchalls help receive messages sent to correct domain but non-existent address (misspellings, previous staff, etc). Catchall email addresses can be named anything or set to an existing mailbox. By default a "postmaster" mailbox is already created for this purpose.

Example: with catchall, a message sent to will still arrive to so their admin could forward to John.

Configure Catchall

  1. Select Dashboard tab and choose which address to use for catchall, or create one as needed.
  2. Select Settings tab.
  3. Select Catchall menu.
  4. Check Enable.
  5. Enter an email address
  6. Click Apply.

All messages sent to non-existent addresses will now be sent to catchall address. Information IconMessages sent to domains with catchalls don't generate bounce backs.

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