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Advantage Surveillance Analytics: Motion Heatmaps


Learn how to access Advantage Surveillance (formerly SmartSurveillance) Analytics and better understand the motion patterns within your business.

How to read Advantage Surveillance Heat Maps

Heat Maps allow for a quick overview of where, when, and how much motion has occurred in a specific camera’s field of view.

Get started by logging into the online portal at with your credentials.

Where do I find the heat map for my cameras?

  1. Navigate to Cameras > Monitor > Cameras.
  2. Select one of the cameras to monitor.
  3. Click on the Analytics tab.

View Heat Map Summary

How do I read the heat maps?

A. The image will display a range of colours to indicate motion.

  • Range is from red for a large amount of motion to blue for a small amount of motion.

B. Click the magnifying glass on any of the images for a zoomed in view.

C. The icon indicates not enough motion was detected during specified time frame.

Heat map overview

Time frame can be adjusted

  1. Time Resolution.
    • Adjust by hour or day.
  2. Date.
    • Select a date.
  3. Start Date/Time-End Date/Time.

Adjust time frame

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