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SmartSurveillance Analytics: Motion Heatmaps


Learn how to access SmartSurveillance Analytics and better understand the motion patterns within your business.

How to read SmartSuveillance Heat Maps

Heat Maps allow for a quick overview of where, when, and how much motion has occurred in a specific camera’s field of view.

Get started by logging into the online portal at with your credentials.

Where do I find the heat map for my cameras?

  1. Navigate to Cameras > Monitor > Cameras.
  2. Select one of the cameras to monitor.
  3. Click on the Analytics tab.

View Heat Map Summary

How do I read the heat maps?

A. The image will display a range of colours to indicate motion.

  • Range is from red for a large amount of motion to blue for a small amount of motion.

B. Click the magnifying glass on any of the images for a zoomed in view.

C. The icon indicates not enough motion was detected during specified time frame.

Heat map overview

Time frame can be adjusted

  1. Time Resolution.
    • Adjust by hour or day.
  2. Date.
    • Select a date.
  3. Start Date/Time-End Date/Time.

Adjust time frame

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