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Business Phone Accessibility Options


Learn about the multiple phone options available to those who have accessibility needs and Shaw Business services. Explore accessibility feature such as voicemail to email and distinctive ring.

My Shaw

My Shaw for Accessiblity

With My Shaw, you can manage many of your business phone features from the comfort of your computer.

Not included in Business Phone Basic

Learn more about My Shaw on Getting Started with My Shaw!

Call Display

Call Display Accessibility

Call Display is included with all phone plans and displays the phone number of the incoming caller (requires a caller id compatible phone).

Not included in Business Phone Basic

Distinctive Ring


Distinctive Ring can be added to any Shaw Business Phone plan for $3.95 per month and allows the subscriber to define select numbers that will ring with a special ringtone.

Message Relay Service (711)

Message Relay Service (711)

Message Relay Service, or 711, is included with all Business Phone plans and allows customers to talk on the telephone via a teletypewriter (TTY). A specialized operator acts as an intermediary between the two parties on the call.

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