Shaw Hosting is a self-managed service that includes many online resources to help with account setup. Learn how to create and manage your domain email through the Shaw Hosting online portal.

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Accessing EasyMail Setup

  1. Open the Shaw Hosting Login page.
  2. Log in to right hand 'Website & Hosting' side with your username and password.
  3. From the main hosting panel, choose either 'EasyMail Setup' or 'Add an Email' (both do same thing).
    • Open EasyMail
  4. A new window will open for the 'EasyMailSetup' control panel.
    • EasyMail Setup Main Menu

    Creating email addresses

    1. From EasyMail Setup, select 'Create a new account' to create new email addresses.
      • EasyMail Setup Main Menu
    2. Choose 'New Account Type' option:
      • Create an Email Account: to create a new email address
      • Create an Alias Account: for an alias address that forwards to another main email address but has no inbox of its own.
      • New Account Type
    3. For a new email address, fill in the 'New Account Details' fields:
      • Account Name: the part of the email address before the @ symbol.
      • Password: Choose a secure password over 8 character in length. For more on passwords, see our article "How to create secure passwords".
      • Forgot Password Question: choose an question and answer that's safe but easy to remember.
      • Press either of the green 'Next>' buttons to proceed.
      • New Account Details
    4. In 'Recommended Settings', choose your filter options:
      • Junk Filter Status: how agressivly the system will mark things as junk. Usually best left as 'Standard'.
      • Filter Type: choose where mail the system considers as junk will wind up.
        • Tag and Deliver: Best option for POP based connections or those who might forget to look in junk folder. Email still arrives in inbox, but has modified ***Junk*** warning added to subject line.
        • Quarantine: best for users of webmail and IMAP email clients. Junk goes into a junk folder but wouldn't be visible to a POP based email client.
        • Delete: Not recommended. Email immediately removed and can't be recovered.
      • Delete Junk: only applies to quarantine filter type. Choose how long email stays in junk folder before being deleted.
      • Press either of the green 'Next>' buttons to proceed.
      • Recommended Settings
    5. Your new email address has now been created and ready to use. To use your new email see our support articles:

    Modifying existing email addresses

    Select "Modify an existing Email Account" to manage existing email addresses.


    From this screen you can reset the password and modify the options for the email address. From here you can also add email addresses to a Whitelist and Blacklist as well as set up forwarding of your email to another email address of your choosing.


    Select the “Go to my Dashboard” for an overview of all your email addresses. From this screen you can make quick modifications on multiple email accounts such as resetting passwords. Click the “More Settings” for advanced options such as White and Black listing.



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    This section is full of resources to help you setup, troubleshoot and optimize your email.

    Some of the features included are:

    • Automated tool to setup email account in Microsoft Outlook.
    • Detailed screenshots for different devices (mobile, MAC etc.)



    Select the “Settings” to show and confirm the host name, port number settings listed in the following chart.