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Hitron Router Settings: Port Forwarding setup


Learn how to set up and configure port forwarding through your Hitron router settings. Customize your business router networking settings with these tips.

Port Forwarding setup

Port forwarding allows remote computers outside the local network to connect to a specific computer or service within a private local area network (LAN).

  1. Log in to Hitron Modem.
  2. Select Basic menu.
  3. Select the Port Forwarding sub-menu.
  4. Set All Port Forwarding Rules to Enabled (or Disabled if no longer needed).
  5. Select the Add Rule button for new rules, or Manage button to edit existing rules.
    • Common Application: Drop-down menu for pre-defined, common port forward rules..
    • Application Name: Freehand usage reference.
    • Protocol: Drop-down menu to select desired protocol.
    • Public Port Range: External Internet port numbers required for rule.
    • Private Port Range: Internal LAN ports for rule.
    • Local IP: Make sure the specified device is set up with an internal static IP LAN address. The local IP must be in the same LAN IP Address Subnet.
    • Remote IP Address: Select either Any or Specific.
    • Rule Status: On/Off; select On if needed.
  6. Select Apply when the new rule setup is complete.
  7. Re-verify that the Status is set to ON for any rules that should be active.
  8. Select Save Changes when finished.

Add port forward rule

Example: Say a security camera uses port 56000. First, using a DHCP reservation, the security camera is assigned the internal IP Then, forward port 56000 to, which will direct any traffic from a public IP address and port 56000 to the security camera on to ensure the connection.

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