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How to manage your Hitron router settings


From Static IP setup to LAN or Port Forwarding and DMZ setup, learn how to manage and customize your business router networking settings to suit your business needs.

Key Points

  • The Hitron modem replaces your existing router to handle your primary network.
  • Static IP setup, port mapping, and other commonly required customizations are supported.
  • IP Passthrough is available to use additional routers or firewalls for secondary networks.

Login Instructions

Open an Internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and locate the address bar:

Router login URL

  1. In the address bar, type in the following: and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  2. You will be presented with a Hitron login page.
  3. Login with your credentials:
    Hitron CGNM-2250
    1. Username: cusadmin
    2. Password: Located on the white sticker on the top or side of your modem.(Note: the password is case-sensitive, so enter the password as it is printed exactly on the sticker, including any upper-case letters)
      Hitron CODA-4582
    3. Username: cusadmin
    4. Password: SSID (password to connect to your WiFi.)
  4. Select the Login button

Settings management

  • Advantage WiFi (without Advantage Security) and Business Internet settings are managed in the Hitron settings, and the login information can be found printed on your Hitron modem.
  • Advantage WiFi (with Advantage Security) settings are managed through the Meraki Dashboard. Click to see How to setup your Meraki Dashboard.

Rogers will support the basic login to get to the network settings and to find sections to manage your settings. Rogers won’t be able to assist in configuring your internal network or with configuration decisions for your internal network. Customized network configurations can be managed by advanced users.

Information Icon__Pro tip__ Keep a written record of all customizations such as login details and network setup. This will ensure a smooth restoration in the event of a modem replacement or lost login information.
  • Loss of login access will require restoring to factory default and any currently customized settings will be lost.
  • Rogers does not have access to these settings and will be unable to assist in restoring lost configurations.

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