The SmartVoice UC-One App is being decommissioned. To keep collaborating, activate Webex.

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SmartVoice: Activate Cisco Webex


SmartVoice lets you collaborate from anywhere. Use this guide to activate Webex for SmartVoice and learn how to set up on desktop and mobile applications. Ensure you read through the instructions before you start.

Activation Video

New Customers

If you’re a new SmartVoice customer activating Cisco Webex for the very first time, please watch the video below before you begin your activation.

Existing Customers

If you’re an existing SmartVoice customer migrating from UC-1 to Webex, please watch the video below before you begin your activation:

Logging into SmartVoice for the first time

If you’re a new SmartVoice customer, please follow the below steps prior to activating Cisco Webex.

Sign Up for SmartVoice Training

  1. A SmartVoice Basics Group Training will give an overview of call handling demonstration for Cisco handsets & Desktop application, along with a demo of the admin and end-user portals prior to your installation. Sign up here.

Update Your Temporary Password

  1. Before getting started, make sure you log into the SmartVoice online portal to activate your account and change your temporary password.

SmartVoice Online Portal

  1. These credentials can be found in the Welcome email from Shaw Business.

  2. You will need your SmartVoice credentials to start using Webex (described further below)

Resetting your SmartVoice password

If you’re an existing SmartVoice customer and need to reset your password to be able to activate Webex, please follow the below steps prior to activating Cisco Webex.

Reset Your SmartVoice Password

  1. Visit Reset Your SmartVoice Portal Password.
  2. Once you’ve reset your password, you can activate Webex.

Activate Cisco Webex

Applicable only to SmartVoice packages that include the Cisco Webex desktop & mobile applications.

Once you have your SmartVoice password, follow these steps to activate and download the Cisco Webex for desktop, mobile and tablet applications. This process will involve two sets of credentials: 1) Your SmartVoice credentials and 2) A Webex email address.

SmartVoice credentialsWebex email address

These are used to connect your SmartVoice account to Cisco Webex so you can manage your calling features. You set up these credentials in the step above.

Each time you see a page with a Shaw Business logo, enter your SmartVoice credentials.

This is the email address used for your Cisco Webex account.

Use your Webex email every time you see a page with the Webex logo.

Step 1: Setting Up & Logging In With Your SmartVoice Credentials

  1. Head on over to Shaw Business Webex portal.
  2. Log in with your SmartVoice credentials (this is your SmartVoice username and the new password you set up).
  3. If you are a new customer, your credentials will be found on the Welcome Email.

Enter SmartVoice Credentials

Step 2: Enter Email Address & Validate

  1. Enter the email address you want associated with your Cisco Webex account (usually your work email address).
    • This email will be now linked to your Webex account. You will use the same password as your SmartVoice portal credentials when logging into Webex. Enter Email Address
  2. Watch for the activation email sent to the work email address that was entered.
  3. Click the Join Now button in the email.

Step 4: Delete Free Webex Account

If you have an existing free Webex account using the email you validated, you will be notified and prompted to delete it. This will also delete any existing content in that Webex account, including contacts, meetings, messages, and files. If you don’t have a free Webex account, you will be prompted to the next step.

Delete free webex account

Note: If you have an existing Webex email from a paid account, you may encounter the error code below. You will need to contact your company’s IT administrator to discuss next steps prior to activating Webex.
Webex Error

Step 5: Download Cisco Webex App

  1. After the email validation is completed you will be directed to the Cisco website where you can download the Webex app for either desktop or mobile. Download Webex app
  2. If you misplaced your email or having issues with the links to the download site, you can use the following link to download application versions. The correct app you should be downloading is called “Webex.”

Click here to download Cisco Webex.

Launching Cisco Webex

Once Webex is installed on your device follow these steps to log in.

  1. Launch the Webex app

Enter Cisco Webex Credentials

  1. Enter the email address associated with your Cisco Webex credentials (this will be your regular work email address that you entered in Step 2 in the section Activate Cisco Webex.

Welcome to webex

Enter SmartVoice Credentials

  1. Enter your SmartVoice credentials (This is your SmartVoice username and password you set up when you first logged into your SmartVoice service). Enter SmartVoice Credentials

Download Quick Start Guide

  • Download our quick start guide to get started using some of Webex’s best features including meetings and callings.
  • Going forward, you will always need to first login with your Cisco Webex email and then will be prompted to enter your SmartVoice credentials (as listed in the steps above).

Employee Messaging Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you prepare your employees for the transition to Webex and help them activate their account in the easiest way possible. Download the guide for email template samples so you can get your entire organization to activate Webex.

Download Employee Messaging Toolkit

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